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Seminars for young people

The EJBW provides individual sign-up seminars (no need to be part of a group) for young people from Germany, as well as international exchanges and meet-ups for young people from anywhere in the world.

If you are interested in one of the EJBW’s publicly-advertised seminars, find out more about what’s on.

International youth exchange and youth meet-ups

International youth exchanges and meet-ups represent 40% of the EJBW’s programmes. In these programmes we work together not only with all 28 EU member states but also with Turkey, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, China and other countries around the world. Every year we hold bilateral and multilateral exchanges and meetings – with Weimar’s sister cities, partner regions of the Federal State of Thuringia, and beyond. Certain programmes are open to all participants while others take place in cooperation with certain partners, such as voluntary organisations or schools.

If you are under 27 and would like to take part in an international meet-up at the EJBW, find out more about the international programmes currently on offer.

If you are a teacher and you and your students would like to be partners of the EJBW and take part in our international programmes, please contact Markus Rebitschek.

European Voluntary Service (EVS)

Through the EU’s European Voluntary Service young adults can get involved in charitable work outside their home country. The EJBW supports young people from all over the world in the course of their service in Germany by devising tutorials on behalf of »Jugend für Europa«, the German national agency responsible for the implementation of the EU programme Erasmus+ : Youth in Action.

Furthermore, the EJBW is one of the places that young Europeans can be assigned if they want to carry out their EVS in Germany. By taking part in the EVS young people get to know a foreign country, a different culture, and new people, they improve their language proficiency, and they can gain both personal and professional direction.

If you are interested in doing EVS in an educational field at the EJBW, get in touch with Markus Rebitschek.

Further information about the EVS can be found here.

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